Nature’s abundant playground begs you to explore all-year long.

A dark sky allows for gazing and up and getting your starbathing in. 

Enjoy local craft beer and the areas incredible and diverse wines.

Best of Columbia River GoRGE Hiking

Find yourself among the cascade forest’s diverse ecosystems of the Columbia River Gorge. From panoramic vistas to lush green trails, dramatic waterfalls, and fresh pine air, nature’s magic offers a playground for all experience levels. Minutes from Backwoods Cabins is Dog Mountain Trail, and other favorites include exploring Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Mount Saint Helens and the Ape Caves, Falls Creek Falls, Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), Wahclella Falls, and Beacon Rock.

Spring and Summer provide rich birdlife, diverse flora, and bursts of wildflowers, enhancing the vibrant colors of the surroundings. Fall and winter are mystical, with wispy air and season change. Spend more time outdoors in this year-round Backwoods hiking playground.

Snow SportS Enthusiasts Find Your Thrill

If cross-country skiing or snowmobiling in the Backwoods of the Pacific Northwest is up your alley, you have found the right place! Of course, winter hiking and a bright starry winter sky all await in the Columbia River Gorge. Skiers and snowboarders will love a visit to Mount Hood for a thrilling adventure on its majestic peaks, only an hour from your cabin. Carve through fresh powder while enjoying breathtaking views in popular ski areas- Ski Bowl, Hood River Meadows, Cooper Spur, and Summit. Adventure outdoors for your favorite winter adrenaline-pumping activity and cozy up in front of the fire each night in your cabin.

Wineries and LocAl Craft Beer 

For the best local craft beer, visit Backwoods Brewing Company for the taste of the Gorge (drink coupons included with your cabin stay). Logyard IPA, River Pig Lager, Copperline Amber Ale, Off Grid IPA, and Ridge Run Stout are always on tap, with limited and seasonal releases showcased throughout the year. Ciders are also available on tap, and we recommend visiting (CIDER COMPANY HERE).

It’s not all beer here in the Backwoods! Our breathtaking region is home to a burgeoning wine industry characterized by its unique natural surroundings and diverse microclimates. Nestled between the Cascade Mountains and the Columbia River, the Gorge boasts a collection of wineries producing distinctive, high-quality wines. With its volcanic soils, varying elevations, and a temperate climate influenced by the river’s cooling effect, this region provides an ideal environment for growing a diverse array of grape varietals. Wineries on the must-visit list include Hawkin’s Cellars, AniChe Cellars, Syncline Winery, Loop de Loop Wines, and Savage Grace Wines.

ADventure Backwoods Waterfalls

A feast for the eyes awaits in the enchanting land of cascading waterfalls in the area. The gorge is home to numerous waterfalls, each with its own dramatic flow of water. Falls Creek Falls, one of Southern Washington’s highest waterfalls, is a magical three-tiered flow of water spilling 350 feet. Multnomah Falls reigns supreme in neighboring Oregon, cascading dramatically in two tiers from the basalt cliffs and captivating the 542-foot drop, followed by the 69-foot drop. Wahclella Falls provides an easy 2.4-mile roundtrip stroll that is intimate and serene. The roar of DryCreek Falls reached via the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), will be a favorite at only a 74-foot drop.

Breathtaking beauty will be discovered at every turn on your waterfall adventure. Many waterfalls require passes or permits (Learn More Here), so be sure to have your recreation pass in hand. The lush, misty falls await!

Top Water Sports for THE wild in you

#Getoutdoors on the water in one of the country’s most dynamic water sports regions. Kayak through the river’s intricate channels, exploring the meandering stretches and challenging rapids. Experience windsurfing or kiteboarding as you ride the waves of the wind. Go white water rafting, sail the river, or feel like you are flying on a jetboard. The Columbia River Valley is abundant with lakes and reservoirs that also provide a haven for water skiing, wakeboarding, and paddleboarding, adding to the vibrant tapestry of water-based recreational options. There is no better summer than being on the water in the Gorge.

Play a “Round” at The Areas Finest Golf Courses

Flanked by towering cliffs, lush greenery, and incredible mountain views, the Columbia River Gorge is a breathtaking backdrop for golfers. Courses offer diverse terrain, exciting challenges, and strategic water hazards, making your nine- or 18-hole round exhilarating.

Backwoods Cabins recommends Elkridge Golf Course in our backyard in Carson, Washington. The par 17 course is newly re-sculpted. Rates for 9-holes begin at $25 and $35 for 18-holes. A restaurant on-site is open seven days a week with a breakfast and lunch menu.

Mountain Bike or E-Bike The Gorge

Pedal your way through lush forests with stunning river views. Mountain biking in the Columbia River Gorge offers something for every level of rider. Rent e-bikes or challenge yourself on one of the area’s rocky climbs or technical descents. With numerous trailheads and access points, mountain bikers can tailor their routes to match their skill levels and preferences. Popular trails include Lyle Loop and Lyle Cherry Orchard Trail, Catherine Creek, Coyote Wall Loop, Labyrinth, Old Ranch Road, and Little Maui Trail.

Craving The Areas Caves

Fascinating caves formed by lava flows from Mount St. Helens years ago and ages of geological processes offer a unique exploration of the Columbia River Gorge. One of our favorites, The Ape Caves in Washington State, are the longest continuous lava tubes in the continental United States. The numerous caves showcase intricate stalactite and stalagmite formations, creating a captivating underground world. The mysterious allure attracts visitors from all over the globe to explore the intoxicating beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Off-the-beaten-path Foraging

Lush forests and meadows of the Gorge are home to an array of plant species with culinary and medicinal value, ranging from succulent berries like huckleberries and salmonberries to aromatic herbs such as wild mint and nettles. Seasonal variations provide for a dynamic foraging experience, with spring yielding vibrant greens, summer offering an abundance of berries, and fall presenting an array of mushrooms and nuts. To preserve the delicate balance of the ecosystem here, we recommend booking a foraging experience with Backwoods Cabins. Discovering these wild edibles is an amazing experience, and there is something for each season.

STARGAZE – A Feast For the Eyes

As darkness falls, the natural sounds of the Gorge provide a soothing backdrop to the cosmic spectacle. Stargazing, or star bathing as some call it, is one of the most desired experiences in the Columbia River Gorge. Experience the Milky Way stretching across the heavens on a clear night from your cabin. The dark sky allows the cosmos to turn up their light for an unparalleled view. With the murmur of the river and the whisper of the leaves, all the senses awaken under the night’s shining stars, providing the perfect place to let everything go and enjoy the magic of the galaxy.

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SNow Sports

Cross-country ski, snowmobile, ski, snowboard, hike, or simply enjoy the beauty of the winter wonderland. 


Get off the beaten path in the Backwoods and explore one of the most diverse landscapes of the United States.

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